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Inkod Kovo, s.r.o.


First-class quality and CNC production
Main goals of the company – to maintain safety and occupational health at work in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard, to provide top quality services, meet customers’ requirements and delivery times and at the same time respect the principles of environmental protection. In order to keep the high quality of our products and strengthen the trust of our current and potential future customers, we subjected our operation system to certification.
Based on the certification audits which have been carried out, our company, Inkod Kovo s.r.o., is now (since 2010) certified according to: OHSAS 18001 – occupational health and safety standard, ISO 9001 – quality management, ISO 14001 – environmental management
– Respect for the customer – we accomplish job orders in prearranged quality and meet the specified deadlines. For each individual employee of our company, a satisfied customer is the main goal and the benchmark for assessing the good quality of work

– Quality – strengthened by purchase of new CNC machines, stability of processes and training of employees.

– Our employees – know the meaning and objectives of their work, every one of us is individually responsible for quality and continuous improvement of our work. The company leaders act as role models in quality issues and provide an example for all the staff.

– Quality improvement – is continuous and focused on immediate rectification of all the causes of discovered faults/shortcomings.

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